The Home Staging Resource’s Guide to
Creating a Profitable Home Staging Business”
Your Step by Step Guide to Success

HSR is SIMILAR to a franchise in that we give you a SPECIFIC FORMULA that educates and engages your clients while meeting all of their home staging and redesign needs.  We are not like a franchise, in that this is YOUR business to take or leave what you wish.

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Now that you’ve gone through our extensive Pricing and Consultation Guides in the training, you’re ready to develop your business plan and strategy in order to create a profitable home staging and redesign business. Where many folks stop there only to become completely frustrated as exactly what to do, offer and price the services at, we are hoping to complete that process for you by giving a step by step guide and implementation plan so that you can “hit the ground running”. Many talented individuals fail in their home staging business because they lacked a specific plan and strategy for implementation. Just looking at all of the graduates of other programs who don’t even have a website representing their business is a good indicator of why training on staging alone will NOT guarantee a successful business. In fact, nothing will but your hard work, positive energy and strategic business plan. Similar to your “Do It Yourself Manual” (DIY Manual) where you provide the expertise and the home seller provides the energy, the Home Staging Resource is giving you a blueprint to follow based upon tried and true marketing and business concepts. We give you the business expertise but you still need to provide the energy to complete the job of making your business as successful as it can be.

Tying It All Together…

Your probably feeling a bit overwhelmed by all of the training and information you’ve received but do not worry, soon it will become second nature to you as you breeze through your business day. Everything you’ve learned thus far will be critical to your future knowledge as we will be referring to specific
points from past training’s throughout this guide so DO NOT SKIP AHEAD, complete the previous training in order to increase your expertise and move forward with implementing the strategy we give you. We’ve developed this turn-key strategy based upon individuals who want to work from home, at their own pace, with time flexibility but maximum profit potential…